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Charges Filed Against “Ghost Consultant” Responsible for Scamming 700 Indian International Students

A decision was made earlier this week in regards to the case of the international students who were scammed in March of 2023. Charges were filed against the responsible fraudster and students will be evaluated to see if they are eligible to remain in Canada.

Up to 700 Students Could Face Deportation: In April of 2023, around 700 international students from India, could have faced deportation. This was due to fake letters of acceptance they received around 2019. The situation came to light in March when several students started to apply for their permanent residency in Canada. When immigration agents began looking at their documents for PR.

they realized that the documents that allowed them to file for their original visas were fake. This has greatly affected many of the student’s immigration processes. Some of these students were living in Canada since 2017 and many had already gained Canadian work experience.

In June Canadian parliamentary committee, voted unanimously to urge the border services agency to stop the deportation of these students. Mostly from Punjab, these students were duped by unscrupulous education consultants in India to enter Canada. In addition they voted unanimously to waive the inadmissibility of the affected students, and asked the CBSA to provide the students with an alternative. They will

have the opportunity to gain permanent residence on humanitarian grounds or through other programs. The announcement comes just days after the IRCC announced a special task force to investigate the students affected by this scam. Students will be judged on a case-by-case basis to determine if they had been victims of fraud or knowingly participated in the scam. Those found to be aware of the fraudulent letters will be subject to consequences which could include being removed from Canada.

However, those determined to be unaware of the scam will not be deported and will have the right to remain in Canada. According to The Toronto Star, the immigration minister’s goal is to ensure a fast, fair and final” resolution for the students who have been caught in this situation for months.

What is a DLI and How to Verify It’s Authenticity?

If you want to come to Canada as an international student, first ensure that your school is a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI). These schools are approved by a provincial or territorial government to receive international students. All of them must have a unique DLI number. All primary and secondary schools in Canada are designated learning institutions. Post-secondary schools must receive permission from the provincial government to accept international students.

If you want to study in Canada at the post-secondary level, make sure that your school and program of study are on this list of Canadian DLIs. And If you plan to gain work experience in Canada after you graduate, make sure to select a DLI that also allows you to qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Importance of Hiring a Professional Law Firm to Study in Canada: Unfortunately, there are many fraud cases that affect immigrants when coming to Canada. That is why you must be cautious when choosing an immigration consultant in your home country. It is mandatory to verify their credentials.

The IRCC authorizes only registered immigration consultants and immigration lawyers to be hired to help applicants with their immigration files. Immigration representatives can be verified through the Canadian government’s website, while lawyers can be vetted through the Bar Association of the province they are registered in. While i

mmigration consultants and immigration lawyers are both authorized to represent newcomers, they have different educational backgrounds and regulation authorities. Canadim is a Canadian full-service Immigration law firm based in Montreal, Quebec, that wants to make sure you feel secure when choosing to hire our services.

Canadim has been in business for over 20 years. It is considered one of the most well-respected immigration law firms in Canada. Our team of study professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you to study in Canada. You can trust your study immigration pathway process is in the best hands.

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